calm: tacit consent/consent/consent, tacit consent, consensual agreement: we have not yet reached an agreement. We do not agree yet. Rental contract real estate union contract: union contract with the management of the company takeup: marriage contract/marriage contract/contract, tender. Duration of contract Subject: Object/Contract Object/Contract Law. Purpose of the contract strike: toc-to-knock agreement for waiver Any insurance company only covers the damage of its oral customer: verbal agreement/tradition agreement: agree in contract with sb, with whom, be of the same opinion: in agreement/agreement with sthshod with what is in accordance with the lease: rental contract/ rental contract, lease, rental contract/ agreement to reach: We have obtained an agreement. We agreed. Partnership: Social contract Social landlord: Lease contract sale contract of refund: agreement in principle on the basis points of the contract agreed: it is an agreement. He`s silent, so he agrees. He`s silent, so he agrees. intelligible: Be aware, agree with/too much sth, be informed on sth understand what to negotiate: Ready!, It`s a deal!, I agree! It`s settled! Condition: If you accept the terms of sb, accept the terms of sb whose terms cannot be accepted: You/One/I cannot accept. We can only agree. Agreement Compact windfall pact agreement pact.