SportsPro: Could you explain why the agreement with Sky was reached? Which organization chose the initial approach? @brianholt are not afraid of further Sky updates, so all we know is at some point in 2019 What this means in practice is that the now full TV service will be integrated into BT TVs Set-Top-Box, where BT subscriptions will be sold directly to its customers. At the same time, all BT Sport channels are sold directly to Sky satellite customers. As a Derby County fan, who has cut his job to find a bar that shows off the mighty Rams because of licensing issues in the past, it`s good news to start the day – although 2019 may be a little optimistic for our triumphant return to the Premier League. The new services will be available to BT and Sky customers from early 2019. « Sky has decided to pay $1.193 billion per year under the new agreement, » the company said in a statement, « $199 million per year, a 16% reduction in costs per game compared to the current agreement. » This agreement is a further step in Sky`s strategy to maximize the distribution of major channel brands and further monetize its content investments across all television platforms. With the extension of BT`s TV offering, the Sky range of TV entertainment brands will be available to all UK consumers through any major pay-TV service, reach new customers and expand the appeal of our channels to advertisers. Sky and BT TV have agreed to sell their titled channels on the other side`s platforms from the beginning of 2019. BT has agreed to transfer its BT Sport channels to Sky, while Skys Now TV OTT will be available on BT TV. In the 2019 to 2021 seasons, the number of games presented could reach 190. Sky and BT are both big names, but rarely in the same household.

That`s going to change. In a move that is decent for all parties and excellent for consumers, the two British media giants have reached an agreement that will broadcast the other party`s content on their respective platforms from 2019. The so-called « cross supply » agreement is a breakthrough after years of hard work and negotiations on the ground between fierce rivals. Both sides touted it as a victory for their distribution and content strategies. Andy Haworth, director of content management and strategy at BT, tells SportsPro how the great content sharing agreement was born and what it means for BT TV. As part of the deal, Sky will benefit from a wholesale supply of BT Sport channels that will allow its customers access to every Premier League, UEFA Champions League and Europa League game, which will be broadcast on Sky and BT channels through a simple Sky contract.