This Amendment No. 1 concerning Qualcomm Atheros Technology Ltd., a volume purchase agreement (the « Amendment ») is concluded on June 17, 2014 (effective date) between Qualcomm Atheros Technology Ltd. (formerly Atheros Technology Ltd., « QATL »), with the main address of the Belvedere Building, 69 Pitts Bay Road, Ground Floor, Pembroke, HM 08, Bermuda, and Aruba Networks, Inc., with the main address of 1344 Crossman Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089. . PORTIONS DENOTED WITH [-] HAVE BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO A REQUEST FOR CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT Amendment No. 2 to the volume purchase agreement (this « amendment ») dates from November 29, 2005 and is managed by and between Komag USA (Malaysia) Sdn., a Malaysian company with unlimited liability (« Komag »). For companies looking for consistent and reliable pricing, the Veritas Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) offers purchase forecasts through early discounts for a given period. A customer`s initial investment determines the discount the customer continues to receive for a period of 2 or 3 years. Selected products and services must be treated on an exceptional basis and may not be available under standard conditions.

This volume purchase agreement (this « agreement ») was signed on February 28, 2011 by and between Atheros Technology Ltd., a Bermuda company (« Atheros ») and Aruba Networks, Inc., a Delaware company (« Buyer ») ,. . . . Volume purchase contracts allow customers to access a wide range of Veritas products at a discount.