An activity agreement is an agreement between a young person and their « primary interlocutor » for the young person to participate in an apprenticeship and activity program that must be planned and implemented in order to help the young person prepare for formal learning or employment. There must be regular monitoring of the agreement with the young person. If the young person receives a living allowance (EMA), this meets the financial requirements of the EMA. An activity agreement is a creative set of activities and learning based on the needs and interests of a young person. This could be a series of activities ranging from music and construction to equine therapy, brush and green wood work, which allow the boy to become confident and learn transferable skills for the workplace. They are helped to set goals and objectives, make the desired changes and develop capacity so that they can develop positively. This video focuses on a number of young people who have successfully participated in activity agreements. An activity agreement is an apprenticeship and activity program that a counsellor helps to train a young person so that, if ready, he can move on to training, training or employment. It may include volunteering, short courses, assisted learning and hands-on experience, including internships. In eastern Lothian, a transition officer from the Eastern Lothian Employment Hub attends all meetings of the municipal administration school centre.

The aim is to identify young people who are of concern. Skills Development Scotland, Bridges Project and community groups also participate and the best approach for each young person is discussed. Partners will have different relationships with young people and will be able to contribute to a debate on the best and most judicious track, including, if necessary, the support of partners. Hub meetings are held four to six times a year. Remittances can also come from social work, other agencies and families. More information about working for us can be found on our Working for Us Activity Agreements website for young people who need additional help finding employment, training or continuing education. These include young people: the effects of the monitoring service, considered necessary a few years after the start of the activity agreements, were significant. Young people have access to services such as advice to support their transition to training or employment. As a result, the goals have increased and fewer young people are failing in the next stage, falling into bad habits and bad habits.

Self-assessment is the key to improving the « Activity Agreements » service. The service is a rolling service, with no start and end date until training.