4.1. Part A`s PSD connects its own product system to the AdView platform through the API approach in accordance with the technical specifications of Part B. Part B provides technical services to place Part A advertising in accordance with the agreement. Accessibility has never been better, especially for small brands, and I hope this article has given you a better overview of what it is all about. 1.1. The duration of the cooperation between Part A and Part B is from ` ` At the end of the cooperation period under this agreement, both sides negotiate and sign the new agreement after the agreement expires, if further cooperation is required. For information on the types of searches related to agreements, as well as the appropriate office to negotiate/approve, click on this table. As soon as you know what you need, start shopping in the list above! A Demand Platform (DSP) is the advertiser`s tool for organizing ad purchases – while a supply platform (PSP) is what publishers use to connect their inventory to ad exchanges. The first online ad was in 1994 on wired Magazine, was then HotWired.com and contained a banner of AT-T. (v) Subject to exclusions mentioned in Section 12 (iv), the liability limit is 12 months since the date came into effect on the date of the first plea or claim, the liability limit is equal to 12 times the average monthly payment to Verizon Media during this period. 13. Confidentiality.

During the life of the life, a party (« public party ») may disclose non-public, confidential and protected information (« confidential information ») to the other party (« receiving part »). Confidential information may include, without restriction, information and data relating to advertising platforms and other information that the parties disclose to each other, provided that such information is identified or identified as « confidential » or that it is reasonably considered confidential to the recipient party, given the circumstances of the disclosure. Notwithstanding the above, the terms and conditions of the agreement (including price conditions) are considered confidential information provided by Verizon Media. The receiving party accepts that the receiving party will not transmit confidential information to third parties for the duration and for the next three (3) years, nor does it use the confidential information, except to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement or, moreover, as stipulated in this Agreement; However, provided that the receiving party has the opportunity to disclose the confidential information of the party that disclosed the information it holds only to its staff, representatives, related companies and representatives, who feel a reasonable need to know this information and who are required to keep it confidential in a manner consistent with the provisions of this section 13.