Our dynamic and intuitive questionnaire allows companies to automate their precedents in Microsoft Word and quickly generate first contract projects and specific legal agreements. How they describe their product or innovation: each financial institution has a form of digitization initiative that puts the customer at the centre of the experience. The challenge is for large financial firms to offer several complex products in isolated industries, all of which are forced to sell products efficiently in order to increase their portfolio share. Agreement Express will show how our platform is used by financial institutions to consolidate activities and improve the customer experience. Our fully integrated platform allows even the largest company to fully automate customer experiences in multiple business areas and create guided experiences for consultants and clients who carry out and support digitization initiatives. Find out how Contract Express can help you every day. Prepare a demo. Press: Alysa Kanani, PR Manager, media@agreementexpress.com Sales: sales@agreementexpress.com During his demonstration on the FinovateFall stage, express CEO Mike Gardner opened up the difficulties faced by consultants in quickly getting the solutions up and running, and said: « At Agreement Express, we bring together consultants, clients, back-office teams and compliance … in a platform that allows transformation in just two weeks. Later, he noticed that the software is made to work quickly, even for large companies. At FinovateFall 2016, the company introduced the latest version of its asset management offering, an embedded solution that helps consultants interact with customers in intrusive and consistent manner. The new version improves the customer experience by helping businesses collect and reuse existing customer data instead of asking for the same information multiple times, creating friction and harming the customer experience. Watch the video of Mike Gardner (CEO) and Andrew Grocholski (Account Executive) at the Agreement Express event on the Finovate File 2016.

Want more contract management functions for the organization and management of existing past agreements. I had to finish the job with technical sheets. « It was clear from our initial discussions that F1 has focused on providing partners and customers with a seamless, safe and effective experience during the underwriting and onboarding process, » said Brandon Yttri, Senior Account Executive of Agreement Express. He praised the « customer-oriented approach to partnership » and described F1`s decision to choose the Agreement Express platform as « concrete proof of F1`s commitment to providing relevant and innovative resources that drive growth for customers and partners. » F1 Payments based in Austin, Texas, will use Agreement Express technology to improve its outsourcing and onboarding processes. Agreement Express` customer boarding software platform, which was demonstrated by the company at FinovateFall 2016, will allow F1 Payments to automatically engage distributors in less than 15 minutes and offer them a seamless digital alternative to the traditional online experience. F1 will also benefit from Enterprise-level APIs at The Agreement Express and integrations for secure connections with acquirers and proprietary systems. Easily create and manage documents to improve efficiency, increase productivity and allow your legal team to focus on working with higher value for your business.